Dear Cherished Friends & Family,

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Ezra and I are so overflowing with gratefulness to God that we met each other and developed a relationship that will now last a lifetime. He has his friends and family who have known him since he was a spoiled child (I mean, cute little boy), and I have my friends and family who have known me since I was a little brat (I mean, sweet princess). We are wonderfully matched by God and now want to grow closer to each other while planning a wedding and closer to you. dear ones, while appreciating you who God has also placed in our lives.

So, in my efforts of creativity and passion to maintain a relationship with everyone I know in the world, I have used this WorldWideWeb to create a www.hokansontribe.com blogging website. Ezra’s contribution was thinking of the title (it is applicable when little Hokansons enter the picture BUT first we have a wedding to plan!)

So if you stick around you will have another unique way to stay in touch with Ezra and I and know some details of our life. We love each other, we are getting married December 31, 2017. We love you too!

If you haven’t already, please, PLEASE provide us with your contact information by clicking here: RSVP


Jessica Denham & Ezra Hokanson